When it comes to maintaining or improving your health and fitness, one of the best ways to stay motivated throughout the year is to enter upcoming walks, runs or triathlons, and train for them. It’s always fun to have that next big event to talk about and prepare for and it’s also helpful to know […]

I recently attended a luncheon where I heard 4 thoughts that I wanted to pass along. They are quite simple, yet impactful. I invite you to explore each of these concepts/ideas over the next month. Hopefully one of them will spark movement in the direction of what you are ultimately trying to achieve. Week 1: “If it doesn’t […]

I recently felt like having breakfast for dinner, so I dug up one of my favorite all time recipes that my grandma used to make us called Cottage Cheese Apple Pancakes. These are also great before a workout, and kids love them too.   4 eggs 1 cup of organic low-fat cottage cheese 2 grated […]


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