I recently felt like having breakfast for dinner, so I dug up one of my favorite all time recipes that my grandma used to make us called Cottage Cheese Apple Pancakes. These are also great before a workout, and kids love them too.   4 eggs 1 cup of organic low-fat cottage cheese 2 grated […]

I copied the original version of this recipe out of a magazine. Though it looked delicious, I knew the soup would be packed with saturated fat and other artery clogging ingredients. So I took most of the original ingredients and replaced them with healthier substitutes.Yes, the recipe still calls for a little cream (the original version had […]

If you are looking for a healthy breakfast that you can eat at home or take on the road this is one of my favorites. I found the original recipe in The Bed & Breakfast Cookbook, but it was terribly high in calories and fat. Over the years I have modified it to be much […]


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