compassWhen I was a young teenager my family used to pile into our Volkswagon Vanagon to make the trek up to Los Angeles to visit my grandparents who we called Memere and Pepere. After arriving and exchanging hugs and kisses I would inevitably walk down the hall to take a look at the newest books that filled the bookcase. I was searching for the latest book on health or fitness that my Memere would have certainly purchased since our last visit. I was fascinated by all there was to know about the latest diets, vitamins, workouts and medical studies.

After I graduated from high school I began college as an English major wishing to be a pre-med or physiology major. I still blame that on the fact that I didn’t tell my parents I needed glasses in 7th grade. I went from being a strong student in elementary school math to a very poor student struggling through 7th grade algebra because I couldn’t make out the writing on the chalkboard. After that pivotal algebra class, I struggled through all future math, chemistry and physics classes.

At the age of 23, I distinctly remember my Memere handing me an article she had clipped from the newspaper titled “Emerging Careers in the Health and Fitness Industry.” “Why don’t you try one of these jobs?” She asked me. My response, “oh Memere it would just be too hard.” Little did I know!

I spent the next decade working in marketing, public relations and graphic design. Guess who I marketed for? Businesses in the health industry!

It took awhile to finally turn my passion into a career that I truly love. My only regret is that my Memere didn’t live to see the day I finally listened to her.

I really hope 52 Healthy Weeks inspires you to make healthier choices throughout the year, even if it means eating one less Oreo today.

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