Metabolic & Athletic Testing

Learn about what’s going on in the inside of your body.

Health & Fitness Assessments

Program designed to overhaul your eating habits and make you healthier

52 Healthy Weeks has partnered with EPARC at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) to offer health-related fitness evaluations to assess risk of chronic disease, and performance assessments for athletes.

Price: For pricing and to schedule an appointment at the EPARC laboratory at UCSD, please contact 52 Healthy Weeks at 858-395-5808 or email Leigh-Ann at

These tests and evaluations include: (click to expand/ collapse)
  • Graded exercise tests on treadmill, cycle, or hand-crank ergometer Aerobic (VO2max), anaerobic, and sustainable power tests
  • Resting energy expenditure and determination of daily caloric needs
  • Bone health and osteoporosis risk assessment (DEXA)
  • Body composition, including regional fat and lean mass
  • Body composition, including regional fat and lean mass
  • Balance tests
  • Functional movement assessments
In addition to traditional laboratory testing, EPARC also offers field-based metabolic assessments. With our wireless and lightweight portable system, we can determine caloric expenditure in nearly any real-life setting. EPARC staff have extensive experience and expertise in conducting performance tests on individuals of any age and fitness level, from the chronically de conditioned to the elite athlete.


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